Work for Inclusion

Increase the employability of youngsters with Down Syndrome across Europe

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The overall goal of Work for Inclusion is to increase the number of employed young people with Down syndrome in employment across Europe and to promote their active citizenship, along with the development of key competencies for lifelong learning. To do this, young men and women with Down syndrome will be involved in every stage of the project, from the production of the results (providing feedback and ideas on the development of the scrapbook) to dissemination activities. They will be the central protagonists of the envisaged LTTAs and will form focus groups to provide general feedback when needed.

The objectives of Work for Inclusion are

  • To promote the independent living of young people with Down syndrome, to better prepare them to find employment and be active citizens.
  • To improve access to information regarding inclusive employment, both for youth and their families, project staff/employment
    support specialists, and the general public.
  • We have chosen to emphasize a well-defined priority: social inclusion. The road to complete integration and inclusion of people with Down syndrome is still long, but it is still possible and full of resources and enrichment for everyone.

Project Results

PR 1

Independence Scrapbook

A collection of photographs, documents, and other memorabilia that is assembled and organized in a decorative way, intended for young people with Down Syndrome who wish to start a process of independence. Scrapbooking can provide them the opportunity to express ideas, interests and their visions of the future.

PR 2

Short Documentary

We will record the expectations and desires of mobility participants (youngsters with Down Syndrome), and will draw attention to good national practices of partner countries, in areas that are often characterized by stigma and negative prejudices.