Smart Tools for Inclusive Teaching in Vocational Education and Training

Project Team


VET staff is usually left alone to deal with accessibility needs during the lessons and educational moments. They don’t have the skills or instruments to address: they are not required to undergo any specific training regarding accessibility or how to support students with disabilities and Special Educational Needs (especially in distance learning) in any of the partner countries. The purpose of the STIT project is to enhance both teachers and students: the teachers who need compasses, tools and environment to operate at their best in the contemporary reality and students so that they can put the world they belong to (the technological one) at the service of their learning, with their skills and practices.

Project Results

PR 1

Online Training Course for VET staff

It aims at spread the pedagogical practices learned, beyond the project’s partner staff. The course will be made up of pre-recorded webinars and will include interactive moments.

PR 2

Survival Toolkit for VET staff

A crowd-sourcing digital platform aiming at collecting adaptable resources starting from the teaching experience of VET partners. The Survival Toolkit will enable teachers to create their own lessons using and combining tools and solutions adopted by others.