It's You

Intercultural Tools and Social media for Youth in action

Project Team


It’s You is a 24-month strategic partnership project for innovation in the youth sector (January 2021-December 2022).



The partners involved are Aretes (IT), Dedalus (IT), Marak Digital Marketing (ES), Fundación Docete Omnes (ES), Cyclisis (EL), Edit Value (PT), DRPDNM (SI).



The project is developed in 5 European countries (IT-EL-ES-PT-SI) where the population of young people is highly composite and enriched by a significant presence of young people with migratory backgrounds.



On the one hand, the context analysis carried out in the 5 countries shows the need for young people to reflect on a new concept of citizenship, as the result of a synthesis between formal rights/duties and the exercise of intercultural citizenship skills; on the other hand, the need of the Youth Workers (YW), committed to the issue of intercultural citizenship, to improve and professionalize their socio-educational tools and strengthen the network of contacts with other European YWs.

Project Results

PR 1

It's You Net

It’s You Net is a European social network for the exchange of experiences, ideas, and reflections on intercultural citizenship issues.

PR 2

It's You Challenge

It’s You Challenge is a platform containing non-formal tools to assess and enhance young people’s intercultural citizenship competences.